tsp. of clt: deconstructed

Because we live in a world where even caesar salads come deconstructed in our finest restaurants…

Why teaspoon (tsp.)? 

Trying out new restaurants > Finding out that there is just enough toilet paper left that you don’t have to change the roll for the next person

Trying out new recipes > Switching lanes just before a city bus makes a stop

Yes, to me food is greater than life’s simplest pleasures.

But it’s also greater than life’s most passionate dreams—like finding a parking spot at the Morrocroft Harris Teeter on a Sunday afternoon or getting a permanent Zone 1 boarding pass.

Why Charlotte (clt.)?

Because “Crown Town” sounds like an imaginary destination I traveled to on a Thursday or Saturday night in my college days at Chapel Hill.

Because “Queen City” sounds a little too proper—I can’t even cross my legs for five minutes.

Because “Hornet’s Nest” should be reserved for all things Buzz.

But, Charlotte. Charlotte says it all. It’s where I grew up and where I want to raise my family. It still has Price’s Chicken Coop and South 21 (thank.goodness),  but it’s simultaneously growing and transforming for the better—with unique restaurants, events, venues, shops, homes and breweries. So join me as I check out both the staples and the newbies. Together we can watch our bank accounts deplete and uber stock surge.

teaspoon (tsp.) + charlotte (clt)

There you have it.  tsp. of clt will be about all things food and all things charlotte.


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