15 months

My sweet, stationary baby from last St. Patrick’s Day is now a running, babbling little boy. Still just as sweet, still rather needy. This first picture brings back so many memories, of the many things I miss and a few things I do not miss about that day and stage. You take the good with the bad at every stage, but the one we are in now–the walking/exploring/destroying/Tasmanian Devil stage–is my favorite yet.

At 15 months, Jackson can best be described as a man on the move. I don’t think he has ever sat still for more than 19 seconds unless strapped in to his high chair.

 He has tons of toy chests in our house. They are called cabinets, and they do not contain toys. We went a few months without locks on the kitchen cabinets, but too often he was rolling the pizza cutter on our hardwood floors and getting the meat thermometer a little too close to his eyes. Now, we so generously give him one drawer of cutting boards that he can play with. He seems to think they are balance beams, with balance being best achieved with dirty shoes on. We have yet to baby-proof the bathroom cabinets, where he now spends the majority of his time. He loves the bottle of shaving cream, dental floss, deodorant, and free tubes of toothpaste from the dentist. I can’t complain though because most of the time he puts everything back like a little angel. How can you baby-proof such happiness?

He still loves the outside. Although now his wagon and toys have been sidelined to the dangerous art of running up and down inclined driveways and curbs. One of the cutest things is watching him as he hears an airplane. He leans his head back so far to try to find it that he falls over nearly every single time. He loves pushing his Crazy Coop and his lawn mower, but walking aimlessly still reigns supreme.


Besides street-walking, Jackson is happiest out-and-about playing with other kids. If only making friends was always as easy as walking up to kids and poking them in the face with a smile on. Playing instruments and singing songs with Ms. Lorie and friends at music class is still his favorite, but library story time comes in at a close second. His idea of reading consists of flipping through board books as fast as humanly possible and running away when you start to read, but the music and bubbles keep him coming back. The proudest that I have ever been in my life might be when he started clapping to “if you are happy and you know if clap your hands.” The second proudest was just a few days ago when he added stomping to “if you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet.” My little genius is already putting together sequences.

I mentioned taking the good with the bad at every stage. At this stage the bad includes, but is not limited to, him constantly unrolling the toilet paper. How is it so easy to roll down and so hard to roll up? And taking every single item out of the recycling bin 45 times a day. Michael and I now spend our nights playing “I spy” to find the remaining milk cartons and newspapers scattered throughout the house. Also included is searching high and low to find the stray cat that must have snuck in the back door and is slowly dying a painful death only to realize that it has just been him whining for four hours straight…

I am so grateful that the good has outweighed the bad at every stage. Newborn spit ups meant newborn cuddles. Crawling meant dirty pants but a free mopping service. Now, walking means a trashed house but a curious independence. And on those occasional days where I just can’t roll back up one more roll of toilet paper or cannot find one more tv remote in the bathroom drawer, it’s over the river, through the woods, down Carmel or Fairview Road to grandparents’ houses we go.

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