happy first birthday


it feels like just yesterday dada thought the hospital wasn’t going to let us bring you home because we couldn’t figure out how to loosen the straps of your car seat. One or two mangled arms out of socket later though, we drove away as a family of three, never to look back at what was.

if i had to count how many times i said i love you and kissed your cheeks a day, it would be more than all of the many hairs on your head. every day i love you more. every day i wonder if it’s possible to love you more the next day. every tomorrow i do.

it’s only fitting that the first words you understood were “kiss” and “go”. you give the absolute sweetest kisses in the world, and there’s nothing you love more than being outside. you’re curious and observant, always on an exploration. your favorite place is the grocery store, and you are the happiest in music class or in your wagon. your smile would light up the darkest cave.

it’s the smallest things you do that are my favorite, that i will never take for granted. like your grunts of excitement when you hear the gear shift move to park because you know you are about to be at a new place. or how you would trade a winning lottery ticket for a pack of tic-tacs to shake. or how you use my legs as a drum. or, how if you hear the back door open, you would beat Usain Bolt to it. or how you get on your knees and whimper for me to brush your hair when i’m brushing mine. or how you can’t shake or bang toys without your mouth wide open. or how you laugh when I dance in front of you in your high chair.

if i could pull you in your wagon to the ends of the earth every day of my life I would. if i could slow down time and make you little forever i would. but i know you are destined for greatness. i know you will only get sweeter and smarter with age. i know you will change me for the better every day that I spend with you. and no matter how old you get, you will always be my sweet baby boy.

happy birthday.





5 thoughts on “happy first birthday

  1. Jenny, he is so precious and this post brought tears to my eyes…Happy Birthday little Jackson…we love you! Aunt Deb, Uncle Mike, Connor and Megan


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